Makeup Artist, Mommy, Friend, and Wife

 From the time I first discovered lipstick I remember my fascination with makeup was intense. Maybe it was more like love a love affair.  I learned at an early age that makeup had an ability to transform us physically and emotionally.   My mom would allow me play with her all her makeup and wigs, which thankfully allowed me my creative freedom. My finger-paint and crayons were lipsticks and eyeliners , doll faces were my paper.  Eventually I was applying makeup on anyone or anything I could get my little hands on.  By the time I was 12, I was putting makeup on my friends before and after school. 
Over time, I was the friend who (happily) did makeup for my girlfriend’s proms, then weddings, parties, re-unions, whatever!  I discovered that my passion was a talent that I needed to cultivate.   When I got married and began having children, my blossoming makeup career had to go on a temporary hiatus (just like my figure!) and after 8 speedy years and 3 amazing children later, I found myself finally enrolled in Makeup Artist School.  Everything fell into place.   I still do weddings and party lessons by request but my career has evolved into working with professional photographers on photo-shoots,  red carpet events, and a steady gig working in television.  I am so fortunate to also be working for Harpo Studios when they are shooting in Los Angeles.
I sincerely feel that everyone is beautiful, and all  you have to do is step outside of yourself to really “see” your true attributes.  I can help you see that. 
As a professional makeup artist, I can create an exotic, sophisticated, or natural look while keeping you, YOU.  As  a mother of three, I am well-aware that makeup must applied quickly and sensibly for all women and especially mothers.
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